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Oct 15

Aug 30

Jun 30

Eliminate Vertical Video Syndrome

Jun 27

by the Sloas

by the Sloas

May 26

Best Email I Received Today

Hi Sir,

I am a general practioner working in an ER and I just did a thoracotomy and pericardiotomy after a traumatic stab wound that created a cardiac tamponade and the patient survived!!! My hospital didn’t have an available trauma surgeon, those are only found in XXXXXXX hospital, so I rode with him there.  He arrived with normal vital signs. I had released the tamponade!

I couldn’t have done it without your video on traumatic arrest!. I hope to do my emergency residency next year!  I love EMCrit !. viva el FOAM!!!!!

Feb 14

Jan 12

Holy crap, a national health system actually gets it; just as the US is now trying to push the ED as a primary care destination

Dec 3
“All who drink of this remedy will recover … except those whom it does not help, who will die. Therefore, it is obvious that it fails only in incurable cases” Galen

Nov 29

Do you speak drunkenese?

Aug 31
Don’t have attribution; claim it if you made it

Don’t have attribution; claim it if you made it

Aug 25

Aug 10

Jul 12

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

A Alpha

B Bravo

C Charlie

D Delta

E Echo

F Foxtrot

G Golf

H Hotel

I  India

J  Juliet

K Kilo

L Lima

M Mike

N November

O Oscar

P Papa

Q Quebec

R Romeo

S Sierra

T Tango

U Uniform

V Victor

W Whiskey

X X-ray

Y Yankee

Z Zulu

Jun 24
Senior Specialty Track 2013 - aka the boys

Senior Specialty Track 2013 - aka the boys

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